Reflections from the Westfaul Law Firm
Ladies and Gentlemen:
How do you choose a lawyer? Do you look in the yellow pages? Do you fall for some idiot on television? Do you think "one call is all?"
Don't do that.
Most of my clients are referred to me by other attorneys. I do not advertise in the yellow pages. I refuse to demean my profession by acting like a fool on television.
When you choose a lawyer, ask when he or she last tried a case before a jury or a judge. Find out if he or she is experienced. Ask questions.
When The Westfaul Law Firm assumes responsibility of your life, liberty, and property, rest assured that "one call is not all."
You will be kept informed as your case progresses. A live person will answer the telephone; forget recordings and having to push endless numbers in trying to reach your lawyer.
The Westfaul Law Firm meets the test and is up to the task.
Please feel free to visit me soon. You can expect to receive competent, efficient, confidential and effective representation.
Jay Westfaul
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