Jay Westfaul was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After graduating from Ole Miss, he remained in North Mississippi, and serves as a trial lawyer, judge, professor and church organist. He became interested in American politics at an early age, first campaigning at the age of five for his father, who served as a long-time city council member. Westfaul became Mississippi's Boys Nation delegate in 1983. He returned to Washington for a short time during undergraduate school on a Lyndon B. Johnson internship, working for a member of congress. He is the father of two young daughters.
Westfaul is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom, having tried countless cases from the lowest to the highest levels of the judicial system. Unlike some attorneys, Jay Westfaul enjoys serving the people in his numerous roles.
From the most horrific tragedy to the smallest misdemeanor, Jay Westfaul is honored and humbled by the faith, confidence, and trust placed in him by people from all walks of life.

JAY WESTFAUL - your lawyer, your litigator...your friend.
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